water is more important than you think for fat loss & weight loss

Does your morning typically start with a latte or cappuccino? Do you find yourself reaching for a
Diet Pepsi to help you snap out of a mid afternoon slump?

In order to stay on top of my water goals, I start with 24 ounces in the morning when I get out of bed.

And I love my ☕️ so I alternate cups of joe with cups of water.

How come we call it cup of joe? 🤔 😂

Meeting your body’s hydration needs doesn’t have to be difficult. By switching out your soda here and there for a glass of fruit infused water, you can make sure you are properly hydrated without all
the added sweeteners.

Everyone has different hydration needs, based on weight, activity level, and other factors. Make
it a starting goal to drink three to four (8 oz.) glasses of water a day, and adjust according to
your needs.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy beverages that don’t include sugar or artificial

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