snack attack – snacks on da go

Whether you’re a mom who needs macro friendly on the go options when you’re waiting for soccer practice to wrap up or you’re the busy working professional in the middle of a meeting that’s running way past your lunch hour, having some easy healthy macro friendly snacks on the goal is a game changer for your busy days.

On day four of my healthy habits challenge we tackle on the go snacks.

Be sure to save and share these handpicked favorites. View my video of my current faves here.

Keep snacks in your bag at all times to keep your HEC in check! ✅

What is HEC you may wonder?

HEC stands for your hunger, your energy, and your cravings. If your HEC is in check, you won’t be fending off that hangry monster and THIS is key to your success! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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