planning ahead is key to weight loss

Do your days ever get away from you?

Do you ever reach the end of the day and think “what the heck did I do all day?”

Do you sometimes feel like you are drifting from one crisis to the next and don’t have time to focus on your own priorities?

Yep, me too sometimes. Not so much now since I’ve worked on refining my daily process. Much easier now that I LOVE my daily to-dos, must-dos, have-tos and get-tos!

If you want to get organized and establish a daily planning ahead #habit, the very first 👆🏾step is to write ✍️out your plan every day! Make it a habit!

👉🏾Plan at the same time every day, but, don’t get caught up in the what-ifs.

👉🏾Brainstorm a quick to-do list and divide that between work and life. Don’t forget to prioritize yourself on that list! 🙋🏽‍♀️

👉🏾Identify two things that MUST be done today so you tackle n them first even if your day gets derailed.

👉🏾Refer back to your list often. Your list can be on your phone or a print out you can keep on hand. When I complete a task, I check it off, and I can easily see the other items I have planned for the day. It makes it very easy to choose the next item to work on and I don’t have to rack my brain to remember what I wanted to accomplish.

Not everything in your daily life must be planned out. And daily planning doesn’t have to be a BIG project! If day planning is something that you struggle with, join my habit challenge group! All of our FUN happens in my private group! Just comment below #HABITS to get in! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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