Body image reboot – my Ostomy debut

Ever since I can remember, my body image had been in the dumps.

I fixated on my weight as a chubby kid and I really despised my stomach.

It’s not lost on me that here I am today, a grown ass woman with an #ostomypouch.

In my dark moments still(cuz we all have them), my mind WANDERS (yes wanders not wonders) if this is some lesson for me being so vain; the ultimate punishment for not appreciating what I was given.

Since really digging deep way down we go and appreciating my body RIGHT NOW, the WHOLE of it, not just pieces, I know that my body image has greatly improved.

And it is my hope that my journey helps you appreciate ALL OF YOU too, right NOW, not 5, 10, 15, 20… pounds from now.

How do I know if I am “getting better?”

—I can honestly say that I appreciate the unique characteristics of my unique body that is just all mine, unlike any other

—I am finally starting to derive my #selfworth from other things in my life (like my work helping others in food and fitness and also in the Chrons, Colitis and Ostomy space)

—I have MOST RECENTLY stopped allowing my negative body thoughts from dictating by behavior AND I have stopped those negative thoughts from beating my body into submission (food restriction and excessive exercise to distract myself from those thoughts and to punish myself for being “unworthy.”)

And in honor of today being #Worldostomyday, here is my VERY FIRST #worldostomyday post since having my surgery on December 7th, 2015.

Never did I ever think I would arrive at this point, but here we are and I am FUCKING excited! Let’s go!

#WorldOstomyDay #OstomyRights #myhealthybonds

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