why macro count instead of count calories?

TRUTH BOMB: Breaking free from the all-or-nothing approach was one of the biggest upper limit beliefs that I have ever conquered.

My compulsion with diet and exercise crept up slowly. First an hour in the gym on 1,400 calories. Then 90-minutes on 1,200 calories then 120-minutes on 1,000 calories. Then marathons, triathlon and ya know the rest is history 😉 I fasted, cleansed, took fat burners, resorted to purging both with food and with exercise and of course, cutting out all of my favorite foods which meant I cut out ALL of my social outings too. I was MISERABLE.

I was the definition of all or nothing.

I’ve changed so much over the years, and that old version of me is slowly becoming a more distant memory. The fearful “Lee-Ann” is still there and she always will be, but now I’ve got a different perspective – Now I am ALL-IN! I eat the same Monday thru Sunday. I workout 5 days a week. I don’t deprive myself and if you follow me on social, ya know I’ll never skip a date night! I live for THOSE! #honolulupersonaltrainer

If you feel like you have an all-or-nothing approach, I SEE YOU and I FEEL YOU. You are the only one that can change this!

If you want to learn more about just how I changed my mindset with food and how I now approach nutritional coaching for my clients (macros based), then my Macros Made Easy Masterclass series is for YOU! In this FREE 3-part series, I will teach beginners what macros is all about; how to get started with your own beginner macros and how to macro makeover some of the holiday favorites coming up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. #macrosmadeeasy

And I’m gonna be real with you – at the end of the series, I will be opening my Macros Made Easy Group Coaching Program launching in January 2022. My attendees will not only have first dibs to get on my wait list, but attendees will also get an epic early bird discount! Details to come. Stay tuned! 

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