are you making THIS BIG macro tracking mistake?

The biggest mistake my clients make when tracking macros – playing macro catch up!

Watch my igLive today that discuses why this mistake is just like not tracking at all.

Here’s are the must-dos if you want to be successful at tracking macros:

1. Pre plan your meals (the night before at the very least) in a macro tracking app. I use @my.macros

2. Use a food scale and weigh and measure all of your food. Amazon has great sleek travel food scales for social outings.

3. Use a scale not a measuring cup or spoons to weigh all food and liquids.

4. Work in your favorite foods and treats. Create your favorite recipes in your macros app to get precise!

5. Hire a Coach (🙋🏽‍♀️) to hold you accountable and assist you with adjusting your macro numbers based on your body’s feed back!

AND DON’T FORGET! Register for my FREE Macros Made Easy Masterclass Series kicking off next month!

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