macro tracking – the basics

Macro tracking sounds really tedious, but when you learn it, it’s actually very simple! 

Why #macrotrack? Well, if you want to lose weight, many are unsuccessful because they don’t want to take a hard look at what foods they’re eating and how much and instead, turn to fad diets as though there is some secret key that they’re missing.

Step 1: Figure out your goals (loss, gain, maintain, reverse diet, improve homronomal balance, etc.?)

Step 2: Get your customized science-based macro numbers from yours truly (time!)

Step 3: Start tracking in the app My Macros Plus. The more you track, the easier tracking will get. If you never start tracking consistently, it will never get easier and you will keep saying “tracking is SO HARD” when it really isn’t hard at all!

Step 4: Once you have your numbers, decided how many meals and snacks you want to eat per day. Is it 5 or 6?

Step 5: Determine your daily protein in grams intake. Shoot for 0.6-0.8 per pound of body weight. Calculate that into your meals. 

Step 6: Determine your daily fat in grams. A rule of thumb is keeping fat at about 30% of your total daily calorie intake.  Calculate your fat into your meals in your tracker. 

Step 7: Factor in and track all your fun foods or foods / drinks you can’t live without. Tracking is for FOOD FREEDOM, not for deprivation. If you are eating the foods you enjoy, you will be consistent and stick with your macro tracking. This is KEY. Consider any special eating out fun events as well. Factor those in including take out nights like Pizza day or family dinners out on the town.

Step 8: Once you input all of the above, see where the chips fall so to speak and assess, revise, edit. Do you need to up protein, cut back on fat, increase carbs? Trouble shoot here. PLAY MACRO TETRIS and see it like a game – planning meals to nail your daily macro targets! 

Need help with this? I offer one time macro consults and audits. DM me if you want your starting numbers or have questions about macro tracking and ask me how macro tracking using numbers for MY UNIQUE BODY has helped me release 21 pounds since March of this year!

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