you want a flexible metabolism not a fast one

We all have that friend who is always hungry, can’t gain weight and blames her fast metabolism for it all.

Do you roll your eyes and think, “gee, wish I had that same problem?”
No, really, only me? Ok, ok… LOL 😉

As I am becoming certified to be your go-to Female Metabolism Coach, I am learning just how AMAZING the female body is, despite what we think of our own bodies.

We can have babies. We bleed every month and don’t die. We constantly deal with a daily flux of hormones that can shift our Sleep, Hunger, Mood, Energy, Cravings.

Most times we chalk it up our lack of motivation to get shit done, lack of will power or laziness; but, NO WAY GIRLFRIEND, there’s a lot of behind the scenes going on!

In yesterday’s post, I asked if you were experiencing any of the 4 red flags I wrote about how your workouts could be doing more harm than good.

Let me tackle red flag #1 – “I use exercise to control my weight or I use exercise as a means to lose weight.”

Too much exercise puts your body in a constant state of stress – increasing the stress hormone cortisol, and depleting your stores of the hormone adrenaline.

High cortisol levels have been strongly linked to weight gain and weight retention in the mid-section. Ya know, that belly fat you may see creep up out of nowhere?

Living with constantly elevated cortisol and depleted adrenaline will affect your sleep, hunger, cravings and, yes, motivation to exercise. All of this over time results in weight gain.

We get into a vicious cycle – we eat less and exercise more which creates more stress on our metabolism, so our metabolism adjusts and conserves, which results in weight gain.

A SLOW METABOLISM OR A FAST METABOLISM is an INFLEXIBLE METABOLISM. They are just at extreme ends of the spectrum.

Too much food is not good.
Too little food is not good.
Too much exercise is not good.
Too little exercise is not good.

Confused much? That’s what I am here for! As your Honolulu-based Personal Trainer, I assist ladies both in person and online, helping them navigate their wellness journey through all ages and stages!

So, how do you fare here? Are you flexible or inflexible? If you were and aren’t anymore, what changed? What’d you do right? What needs your attention? And what questions come up?

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