stubborn pounds and unexpected weight gain

“I’m doing everything right; but, nothing is working”

Does that sound familiar? 

Despite best efforts, stubborn pounds and unexpected weight gain become the norm? 

You scratch your head in frustration as professionals, culture, society SCREAMS  *Just exercise MORE and eat LESS!*

Welp, I have personal experience that *THAT* approach may work at first, but eventually *THAT* always fails. 

Check the statistics:

-95% of dieters fail to keep off their weight loss within 1 year of losing it

– 97% gain it all back by year 2

-99% regain all weight loss weight by year 3

Sure, this is disheartening; but, it should also be empowering – because time and again research has shown us (despite what all the Instagram fitness and diet influencers say), that DIETS DON’T WORK!

If you’re doing everything right and nothing is working, then you aren’t doing everything right! 

In my free nutrition resource guide #MetabolicMakeover I give you the 6 biggest dial movers you can implement today!

An introduction to your unique female metabolism, this guide will help you create a road map that is 

✅female specific
✅addresses your physiology
✅caters to your psychology
✅focuses on personal preferences

✅considers practical circumstances

Register for my #MetabolicMakeover Bible and receive a free 20 minute chat to see how you can best put those tips to work!

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