one size does not fit all for females

Are you doing that same trendy diet and workout plan being pushed by that social media famous gal sponsored by one of the Kardashians?

-we aren’t the same by age & life stage
-we are not small men

✅we as women respond differently to stress
✅we as women are hormonally & metabolically unique (last time I checked, we are the only sex that can give birth)

As a Female Metabolism & Hormones Coach, together we will:
❤️ Keep your HEC (Hunger, Energy and Cravings) in check without extremes
❤️ determine the best strategy for fat loss without having to “diet”
❤️ focus on maintaining optimal hormonal balance throughout the process

So what can YOU do lose weight for good, once and for all?

👉🏾Determine when it’s best for YOU to eat more and exercise more and when it’s best for YOU to exercise less and eat less!

How do you know? Your body will tell us! Ask me how!

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