What if you could have food freedom once and for all?

What if you could create a sustainable and flexible eating habit without lifestyle restriction?

Where it Started and How It’s Going


WHAT IS IT: One time customized get-started macro numbers. Start today and receive your customized macro numbers best suited for YOUR body where you are at right NOW with what goals you want to achieve. You will receive 1 set of macro numbers that can be used for at least 12 weeks.

Ditch those free online calculators that give you nothing but BS macros based on height, weight, age and gender. As a Certified Macro Mentorship Nutrition Coach, I’ve learned and used the tried and proved formula to help you reach your goals!


WHAT IS IT: Part one on one coaching, part group coaching, Macros Made Easy group coaching is a 12-week program that provides you with the best of both worlds – support and accountability! Every other week, you will meet one on one with Lee-Ann to discuss your macro plan. Every other week, you will meet with the group to learn and hear from Lee-Ann and other experts in all areas Mindset + Muscles + Macros.

You’ve lost and regained the same weight over and over again and frustrated that something never sticks.

Even though you’ve drastically cut calories, the scale still won’t budge and you’re clueless as to why.

Why do all the foods you love have to be off limits? I can’t imagine having to live on carrots and sprouts to lose weight.

I’m so confused what diet to follow or what exercise to do – there’s too much info out there!

You know inside there is a method that will work for you, you just can’t seem to find it.

You’re ready to take complete control of your weight loss once and for all and you want a system that works with your lifestyle.

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