what’s failure anyway? it’s not the end point of your journey!

Dieting was a skill set I used to have. I was the friend you have (or maybe this is even you) that was always on a diet; blowing her diet; losing weight from dieting or gaining weight when the score was LA 0 Diets 1.

When I was compliant, I was “good 😊 Lee-Ann.”

When I fell off the diet wagon, I was “lazy, unmotivated and undisciplined Lee-Ann.”

And I meet many women who have felt the same. Always terrorizing themselves (and their bodies) because they blame themselves (and their lack of will power) for not “sticking with it.”

Today, I met a gal who told me this: “I’m fat, fed up and know what I need to do to lose weight…but I’m just not doing it and I don’t know why.”

She was convinced that because she couldn’t follow a list of off-limits foods that something was wrong with her. Every few weeks, she would restart this diet and every few weeks, she was left disappointed and frustrated.

Never once did she think that perhaps the diet she was following was the issue.

Failure is not the end all be all. It’s never the last act. If we can begin to view our failures as learning experiences, these “failures” become very valuable life lessons.

Like the lesson that a diet that excludes foods or has you labeling foods as good and bad only perpetuates your psychological want of those exact “forbidden” foods. #restrictandbinge

Every day we attempt things. And every day we both succeed and fail. If we can continue on without allowing our slip ups (fails) from running the entire show, then we can really see what we can do different; what we can improve upon; what we can let go of and where we can learn a lot about ourselves… how we view and interact with food and exercise; what our triggers are; what super powers we have and how we can create a relationship with food, fitness and our bodies that come from a place of ❤️not loathe.

Aloha Friday Babes! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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