week 20 of my bikini prep for the WBFF Miami show in november

I’m approaching the final days of this diet break. My coach asked how I was feeling. Nervous. Excited. Unsure.

When I’m in it, time goes by SLOOOWWW. When I think about my show date, time flys by.

Each passing week, I’ve realized that releasing a concrete idea of exactly WHEN has been freeing. I know I’ll get to stage and that has been a great motivator for me.

Throughout this entire process from when I first started my fat loss phase going into a FULL COMPLETE year of maintenance (and gaining 15lbs during that year) and now in prep, a diet break and starting prep again, I’ve never once questioned my Coach about our direction.

Sure I’ve spoke about my fears, my hesitance and my struggles. I’ve tried to negotiate myself out of uncomfortable situations; but, I’ve never refused to do as she instructed.

As a Coach myself, I always rely on someone whose doing it better especially because I know me best. And often times, I tend to allow my head noise to run my show.

How will I navigate going back into prep?

The same way I’ve been doing it…
❤️ following my Coach’s lead
❤️reaching out to my teammates who’ve supported me during this time
❤️ focus on the long game and not the end goal
❤️ manage stress better when metrics may not move as quick as I think they should
❤️ to grind as I’ve always been

I’ve never been the leanest, the strongest, the smartest or the fastest. But I’ve got a lot of grit and my work ethic is something I admire about myself. If we ever trained together, then you’ll know I’m not scared of hard work and I’m reliable as F. That’s my special sauce. ❤️

Me and my gal @nokomis_chick_getting_fit are gearing up for Miami in November and I’m stoked to get to do this with her! 💋

Weight: 138.8 lbs – for reference, I’m 5’2.5” tall. I’ve never weighed less than 125lbs in MY LIFE! I hated my Doc visits when they always said my BMI was way too high and that I should be in the low 100s on the scale!

Are you kidding me? I’ve had quads since elementary school. I’m a mutt – part Mexican part Hawaiian with lotsa other stuff mixed in. I’m built to work! And now I rock this build proud.

LFG! Thanks for reading!

Waist: 25”
Hips: 36”
Thigh: 19

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