week 15 my journey to my first bikini competition at 46 years old

Time has sped by. I feel like I’m #speedygonzales in a race against the clock.

I started this prep on January 23, 2023 at 152.8LBS. I lost about 10lbs quickly and then all loss stalled. I spent all of April and at least have of May hovering in the 142-144 range. And during that time, all my biofeedback sent 🚩… uncontrollable hunger & cravings; consistently crappy sleep; hair loss; irritability; heavy fatigue and tremendous muscle and joint pain.

This is the signs of an autoimmune flare. And it caught me off guard. In my body, I’ve learned to disassociate from the symptoms. And despite having an ostomy, I forget that I have an autoimmune disorder.

I once received a message from a gal with Chron’s. She has a huge following and she asked me if having an ostomy was better than having to deal with all of the issues that come along with having an active disease. You see, for Ulcerative Colitis and Chron’s there is no cure but removing the colon can put one into remission. Through our convo, she also said that she read that ulcerative colitis wasn’t an auto immune disease after all and yada yada yada. 🫠

We all have the deck of cards we are dealt. And I’m just the type of person who figures out how to get shit done with less than a full deck. I mean, what’s the other choice? To wallow in my misery and pull the pity card? Sure I have my melt downs and moments. But I know I can always bounce back.

So here’s where I’m bouncing back…

My Coach @janellefitmarks said I needed to reverse diet for some time; get blood work done and give my body a break. This meant saying ALOHA to WBFF Dallas and ALOHA to WBFF Vegas.

I’m now shooting for either WBFF Texas in Sep or Miami in Nov. At first, I was really bummed. But then a gym friend who also competes told me to listen to my Coach. That competitors change shows all of the time based on trying to bring in their best shape.

And I’m reminded as Janelle often says, there is always another show.

And all of the STRONG women in my own coaching tribe remind me as well – that different is not less than. This is a season and too shall pass.

Weight 140.8lb
Waist: 25”
Hips / Butt: 36”
Thigh: 19.50”

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