do you say these statements to yourself too? #negativeselfbeliefs

Isn’t it interesting that often, we can create a laundry list of negative self beliefs in a blink of an eye 👁️? Yet, when tasked with creating a list of positive self beliefs, we tend to struggle?

I’ve said all of these statements to myself over the years. Mostly as my strategy to use negative reinforcement to keep me adherent. BTW – that method failed MISERABLY.

That’s why I coach it different. And why I created the LevelUp lifestyle program kicking off on May 1st.

Not to change your outside. But instead to work on your inside where all the magic 🪄 happens.

If you’ve felt like I’ve felt. If you’ve said these things to yourself too. I get it. Because I’ve been there too. Never perfect. But always practicing. Because practice creates progress. If you are curious, let’s chat! The LevelUp Lifestyle kicks off on May 1st.


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