week 11 4.11.23 my journey to wbff dallas, my first bikini competition at 46 years old

I can’t believe I’m pretty much 1/2 way out from my 24 week prep to WBFF Dallas.

Here’s the situation:
Weight: 142.4lbs
Waist: 25.50”
Hips: 36.50”
Thigh: 19.75”

As time goes on, I’ve become more at ease with the grind. The fickle scale. A roller coaster 🎢 of energy. The dull ache of hunger 🤤 that calls to me at night whispering “you are hungry. You should just eat. What’s the big deal?”

And before prep, most often, I did cave to those callings. I thought “it’s not like I’m competing” I would say!

Well NOW it’s game on. I’ve been flexing my emotional muscle to sit with these voices. And to let them go on and on while I remind myself that “this too shall pass.”

At times my fur kids get into this barking frenzy. They are playing and talking. The incessant noise irks my husband. But I tune them out. It doesn’t bother me because I know this is what they do. I’ve used this same strategy when the hunger games come out to play, mostly at night when I’m in bed watching TV.

I’m still dancing between the “can I do this?” And “am I really doing this?” And every week I check off, it’s evidence and FACTS that “he’ll yeah, I’m doing it.”

🏋🏽‍♀️ Movement 🏋🏽‍♀️
Cardio holding at 40 min / day. I’ve been jogging & biking outdoor and hitting the stair master and peloton when it’s too wet or cold or dark outside!

Lifting same at 4x per week

1 quick & dirty metcon on Sundays (which I really enjoy)

Steps 10-12k

1 high day 160g carbs
2 low days 100g carbs
4 mod days 130g carbs
Protein at 160g
Fat at 45g

Coach has set a goal of 130lb or less for me. I plan on surprising her when she see me at 135! 😜

A friend messaged me about being in the 140s and how for her 140 was that number that was hard to crack.

I’ve had a few numbers like that. My first was 155. During my first cut, I spent far too long there and Coach @janellefitmarks had to call me out on my BS.

My second scale weight unicorn 🦄 was 145lb – my first cut goal. It took a lot to get there and staying there didn’t last that long.

My next scale ceiling is actually 138. I nearly killed myself to get there decades ago so I’m excited to hit it without all that torture!

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