are you flipping from thing to thing trying to find the thing?

I was the person flipping from diet to diet and exercise program to exercise program trying find the one that worked not only for good; but, worked without requiring white knuckling, restriction and extreme effort on my part.

If I knew then what I know now…

I would tell you…

There isn’t ONE thing. It involves many things.

You gotta be ready. It has to be the right time and TBH, you’ll know it deep down inside.

There aren’t any shortcuts. There’s no hack. Or cliff notes version.

The truth is that it’s simple at the core. You repeat the same behaviors over and over again indefinitely without an end date or a finish line.

You track what you eat in some form. You monitor your daily movement. And you create joy by doing these things.

And then joy finds you because your behaviors are no longer keeping you prisoner but instead, they have set you free.

Here my my 3 coaching tips to accelerate your fat loss goals:

  1. Get your customized macro numbers from a Coach. I do this for clients, so if you need a Coach, let’s chat!
  2. Track your steps and set a step goal for yourself.
  3. Start strength training. Start body weight strength training. Start any type of strength training. And stick with it. Focus on it. Don’t skip from program to program. Don’t try to include cardio into your strength sets. Instead view strength training as the means an artist chisels away at a stone creating a sculpture. Use weight training as the mode to sculpt your own body.

You see, it’s not overly complicated. But it’s also not a 30-day quick fix either.

Lose the timeline and enjoy the ride! #honolulupersonaltrainer #fitover40 #fitwomenover45

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