who do you want to become?

I’m a daughter. Sister. Wife. Mother. Friend. Coach. Human.

Altho’ I coach others that does not make me better than, smarter than or above anyone else.

I deal with the same struggles that many of you struggle with too. And through my ups and downs with my weight, dieting and exercise, I’ve realized the BIG reason why I’ve been able to stick with whatever it is I set out to do.

It’s NOT my motivation. TBH, I’m rarely excited to get my legs 🦵🏾 and lungs 🫁 screaming for HELP!

It’s GOALS. Despite the various methods I’ve used with my food and fitness, the ONE common theme stringing them together is that I had a GOAL.

In my twenties, it was to look a certain way.

In my thirties, it was to set PRs at my races.

In my early 40s, it was to be healthy and strong to have a baby.

In my mid 40s, it was to heal my relationship with food and fitness after a devastating loss.

When I spent all of 2022 in maintenance, it took me almost 5 months to set a goal because I felt lost and uninspired. Who was I when I wasn’t chasing a goal?

And then the deep inside work began.

My worth is not found in a weight or a size.

My confidence is not dependent upon how I look.

My love for myself is not based upon hitting PRS.

My goal was to be able to eat and move my body from a place of love ❤️ and not punishment.

My goal was to do other things that brought me joy that had nothing to do with macros and muscles.

My goal was to stop looking for my next fix. And instead to enjoy being present.

Set a goal for yourself above and beyond your scale and metrics. If you can create a food and exercise process that you enjoy that makes and it allows you to feel better, and look better too, that’s the keeper!

Happy Friday! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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