easy 1/2/3 fat loss challenge!

In 2022, I’ve spoken with many people, mostly women (a few men) about having NO idea WHAT to do or HOW to start when it comes to their health.

Here’s some of the things they’ve told me…

“I’ve been in a funk…and trying to heal. I am so overwhelmed because I’ve gained all the weight back that I’ve lost.”

“I’m such a hot mess because I keep starting over again. But, my blood work is so bad that I know I have to do something. I want to be energetic and healthy for my kids.”

“I always say I am gonna really start in January and then I never do. I just eat whatever and during the pandemic, I’ve gained so much weight that I need to really start working on myself again.”

“I’m in a reality check right now. It’s depressing to be here now, but, I am trying. I know I have to start somewhere and take my health seriously.”

If you’re waiting to get motivated before you decide to get up and do the damn thing…you’re gonna be waiting a long time, Lee-Ann.

Most people rely solely on motivation to start with thinking like this:


Thinking that motivation is the key to change is a fantasy. And it’s why most people never actually stick to a diet or exercise program even though they desperately want to.


If you are serious about being consistent with your eating habits…
If you are serious about being consistent with your exercise habits…
And you are serious about wanting real results that last long term…

You need to START. You need to TAKE ACTION IRREGARDLESS of your motivation levels! In fact, the LESS motivated you are, I would say is the BIGGEST reason why you should start RIGHT NOW!

This is why I am hosting my FREE 1/2/3 EASY FAT LOSS METHOD challenge come January 2nd! 

I am going to TEACH you how to do 3 very EASY things every day to jump start your fat loss program! 

No smoke and mirrors.
No purchasing a get-started pill and shake package.
No downing goop on a spoon on the regular.

In fact, here are the 3 things I will tell you to do come January 2nd:

Number 1: Eat one big ass salad every day
Number 2: Eat 2 fruits every day
Number 3: Drink 3 bottles of water every day

You will do Number 1, 2 and 3 every day from January 2 through January 15th! 

Don’t overcomplicate it! Don’t overthink it! Just do 1, 2 and 3 every day.

I don’t care what veggies you eat in your salad or what dressing. 
I don’t care what fruit you choose. 
I don’t care what other food you eat outside of the 1/2/3 method. In fact, you should be eating a lot of other food in addition to hitting the 1/2/3 daily habits here! 

The only thing I do care about is that you stick with the 1/2/3 daily habits for the duration of the challenge because I guarantee once you do, you’ll want to keep up those 1/2/3 habits for the long haul! 

This method works because this method begins with ACTION!

From your action you get results.
From your results you get motivated.
With that motivation you take more action.

And so the cycle continues because it all starts with action. So please stop waiting for your motivation to kick in.

Make the decision to join my free challenge and commit to doing the 1/2/3 method because this method will get you closer to achieving your goals. 


If you’re ready to call “BS” on your procrastinating and to stop waiting until the “right” time (because you know it will never come)…

CLICK HERE to register for my 1/2/3 Easy Fat Loss Challenge starting on January 2nd, 2023!

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