just because it works, doesn’t make it right

If you exist on 2 shakes and 1 meal a day, you’ll lose weight.

If you remove all carbs, you’ll lose weight.

If you only drink juice, you’ll lose weight.

Just because it ‘works,’ doesn’t make it right for you. Nor does it make it successful for the long term.

There’s a reason why so many studies report that many mainstream diets don’t work.

At any given time, more than a third of Americans are on a specific diet, with weight loss as a leading reason.

Maybe you are one of them.

So why is it that many on a diet just can’t keep the weight off?

Here’s 3 things you should STOP doing if you are trying to lose weight!

#1) Demonize a food group. Think about it. Eliminating a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff just makes you want that stuff more. You’ll spend a shit ton of time and ENERGY just trying to resist all the things you take out of your diet. Inside your brain, you now put this food on a pedestal because you tell yourself you cannot eat this food at all so then you want it even more. You see how you’ve just set yourself up for failure, in the long run?

#2) Rely on exercise to outwork your diet. Exercising more is NOT the solution for a binge or a crap diet. This strategy never works. If it were as simple as exercising X amount of time to outdo an epic meal, a lot more people would be successful at keeping weight off.

#3) Celebrate your wins with a food reward. I am all here for celebrating your wins whether it’s losing weight or achieving that PR in the gym or in the office, just don’t rely on alcohol and sweets to reward your success. Doing so, especially if done often creates a not so good habit. Instead, use things like a facial, manicure, or a favorite exercise bra as a reward for your hard work.

Remember ➡️A sustainable diet is one that leaves some wiggle room and doesn’t hinder you from living a fun and a 😃 life.

If you need some help habit setting, why not join in on some healthy habits fun!

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What do you have to lose besides some habits you are trying to break to start some habits you’ve been trying to create!

See ya on August 1st!

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