your diet is a short term response to your long term desire

“Weight watchers worked until I stopped doing it because I wanted to eat the stuff my family eats.”

“Jenny Craig worked until I bumped up my calories because I was SO HUNGRY all of the time.”

“Keto worked until I started eating carbs again.”

Any of these sound familiar?

As a Jenny Craig drop-out (lost 45 lbs and then gained an eating disorder) AND a Keto drop-out (got lean but was tired all of the time with constant bruising on my body and my hair falling out), I know far too well that these #diets were SHORT TERM responses to the LONG TERM solution that I desired (sustainable and enjoyable fat loss).

Maybe you are in this boat. Maybe you are like me, an about a year out from jumping ship for GOOD.

Don’t beat yourself up about it because we all HUMAN!!!

We are always drawn to the quicker, cheaper option over the better long-term solution.

—> Shiny and new ‘cuz our friends are doing a medifast.

—> Scary and fearful when we hear zealots demonize carbs.

—> Aspirational when that ad shows us that weight = happy.

As a Transformation Coach and Honolulu Personal Trainer, sometimes prospective clients tell me I’m too expensive. During our free Discovery call together, I often hear about the 5+ diets they’ve most recently tried.

And so it goes – the habitual dieter doesn’t have the time or money to do it right the first time, but they always have the time and money to do it again. Read that out loud again.

There’s no secret or short cuts. There is only action. You always have a choice – to do a thing or not to. And you also get to decide how you do the thing.

If you are looking for the last solution you’ll need for the body change you seek, then let’s chat.

And ya know what, if you are still figuring out what ya wanna do, be sure to sign up for my FREE 7 Daily Healthy Habits challenge kicking off on August 1st. No crazy workouts; no bunny rabbit meals plans. Just a great group of us learning how to Build Healthy Habits & Kickstart your Health & Fitness Goals!

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