your best diet doesn’t have an expiration date!

I am often asked what diet is the BEST diet for someone wanting to lose weight, feel better in their body and get strong 💪🏾.

The answer to that ☝🏾is always the same… the BEST diet or even workout program is the one that you ENJOY doing for the rest of your life!

The BEST diet is the one that doesn’t have an end date; an end goal or an EXPIRATION date!

The best diets are forever. But it’s funny how we all view diets as temporary.

We view them as so because usually they are horrible, impossible to follow and always include food restriction for infinite amounts of time.

Here are some expired diets:
-any diet cleanse
-grapefruit diet
-cottage cheese diet
-all soup diet
-Jenny Craig / Weight Watchers
-HCG diet
-Baby Food diet
-Any meal replacement shake diet

The list goes on and on!

I know it’s tempting to jump on board with one of those #faddiets because in the moment they seem easy and fast. They also get you easy and fast results. But what do they have in common? The easy and fast results you get are always temporary. Always.

I know first hand because I’ve done it over and over for 2 decades!

And I wouldn’t believe this to be true unless I’ve been through it to know that there is a BEST forever diet! I’ve been doing it!

With ease and enjoyment
Without suffering and misery
While improving my strength
While losing body fat
While keeping my sanity ❤️

Macro tracking has been a game changer for me and I know it can be for you too!

When you find that perfect macro combo, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how painless it is to lose weight and transition easily into weight maintenance.

I have 3 spots left in my Macros Made Easy Group Coaching program! Message me for details! Or schedule a Free Discovery call with me! Link in bio! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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