are you a human DOING or a human BEING?

Many of the ladies I help are currently going through what I had suffered through for a long while – pushing their own self care aside at all costs in the service of others or in my case, in the service of purely my ego-driven body goals.

Most recently two ladies reached out to me wanting to be in better health for their kids. Yes, they are different but their want of feeling strong in their body and to thrive as they age, are indeed the same.

Many of us myself included are guilty of being Human DOINGs, not Human BEINGS.

We get so caught up in doing the things we think we should do in the ways we think we should do them, that we TUNE OUT our own inner voice. Eventually we get lost in the mix.

It’s never too late and you are never too (FILL IN THE BLANK HERE)
—out of shape to do xzy
—old to try xzy
—busy to start xzy

So, how do you shift from being a human that does more BEING and less doing?

It’s really simple it and it’s gonna sound really weird – YOU DO LESS!

Yep, I challenge you to give this exercise a try – an exercise I prescribe to my won clients when we are working through these mindset shifts. For 1 week, in their calendars, schedule a window of time (doesn’t have to be long, can be 5 minutes, or 30) where you schedule YOURSELF into that time block. And in that time block, you do not grab your phone or computer, but you choose 1 resting activity that makes you smile.

Could be enjoying a cup of coffee in your favorite chair

Could be journaling in your notebook.

Could be lighting that favorite candle as you breathe.

Could be reading a few pages out of that book you want to read.

Babe, I urge you to give it a try – to slow down and focus on BEING and less DOING! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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