hesitation – a often relied upon but detrimental dieting tool

Hesitation – a strategy I often relied upon when knowing I wanted a different outcome but battled with fear of the unknown.

This pic was in June 2016 on the Hawaii half Ironman race course ; 6 months post #ostomy surgery – when my constant need for seeking approval through my ability because I didn’t have the aesthetic – brought me through yet another finish line.

And that smile – that’s my fake it till you make it smile that has been perfected since grade school when a clear divide between home life and school life was created as my escape.

My coaching philosophy is much different than many other programs out there. I know better than to put my tribe through what I learned the hard way.

My client text me after a few days of 100% tracking telling me she thinks her carbs are too high which will cause weight gain. That she was able to lose a lot of weight quickly with another program.

Those are the ledges I most often encourage my clients off of.

Think about it – If that other way really worked, you would not be here. You would never be here.

And I 💯 percent get that and I FEEL you because I am you. I’ve been where you are at. I struggle just the same. I, too, am imperfect and a human trying to do more BEING instead of more doing.

And so that sums it up – with my Macros Made Easy group coaching program, I teach you how to navigate what you think is hard and overwhelming into really easy to digest and easy to implement steps.

If you are ready to let go of hesitation and fear and open up your mind to a different way, hit me up 🤙🏾 to chat! Link in bio for a discovery call 📱. I have 2 Macros Made Easy spots left! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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