change happens in the small moments making a different decision

It’s really the TINY moments that change everything. #thbutterflyeffect

For me, I have several, some great, some fucking down right devastating and most waffling in the middle between success and sadness. 

When I miscarried at almost 20 weeks pregnant; that single event changed the course of my life FOREVER.

When I completed my first ultra marathon; a 36 mile foot race from Maui Mall to the top of Haleakala – that epic shit right there changed the course of my life too – for the better. 

And I am so GRATEFUL that when I speak to my clients, the ladies who CHOOSE ME to work with THEM, and hear them tell me how fortunate they feel to have me in their corner, ALL OF THAT – that stuff has GREATLY shifted life for me, all for the better. My tribe push me to want to do better, be better, not only for myself, but mainly for them.

I was on a networking call with a female BOSS! She is killing it in the life insurance field. We were chatting about our upbringing sharing similar cultures where females were viewed as simply to get married and have children. During our convo, I asked her how come she doesn’t talk more about all of the great stuff she is doing and she quickly replied about wanting to stay humble. Not wanting to outshine others. 

And when we spoke further, we both realized that it was because we were raised to play small. To be small. To not “brag” or have a big head. To not make siblings or family members feel any sort of way because of OUR success. 

Dim your own light so as not to dim others.  

I work with women who are going through those moments that have profoundly changed their paths, all for the good.

There is true POWER in your tiny day to day moments. Call it habits. Call it routine. Call it schedule. Whatever you want. But it starts there – in the small stuff you do all the time. 

What are your life-changing moments?  When has something occurred that made you realize there was no turning back? Perhaps something happened and you wanted to duck and take cover, but instead, you chose to face it head-on. What did you learn?

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