stay ahead of change, not react to it

Did you catch the #caption? 👇🏽

If you look for the signs you can act on them, always staying ahead of change instead of reacting to it.

Today’s post is dedicated to my husband, @808lekeli who recently just celebrated his 10 year #soberversary from alcohol 🍺.

We both remember the date clearly because it was at his best friend’s birthday party hosted at a local bar when Lekeli made the decision to stop drinking. Cold turkey. 

I asked, “no beer?”. He replied, “I’m not drinking” so I shrugged my shoulders and said “ok.” 

At first, I didn’t believe it. After all, I had spent 17 years with this man whose main hobby was drinking beers with the boys. My hobby was food bingeing and purging through exercise.  Two young adults both navigating emotions with their chosen distractions.

I witnessed first hand how he made a commitment to himself that day. And since then, he’s held steady and remained steadfast , unwavering despite being uncomfortable at times. 

Not one slip up. Not one sip. Not one drop. It’s far from easy. It’s fucking hard work…

➡️ To shift your environment. 

➡️ To make uncomfortable change. 

➡️ To navigate old feelings and cravings. 

I’m so very proud and fortunate to have had my partner grow beside me above all of the messy and ugly stuff we’ve encountered along our paths. 

Friends, I want you to know that it’s never easy to just say “I quit.” And the feeling of want never goes away. I’ve had front row tickets to see how addiction has torn families apart and I’ve also been an active participant in knowing that with time families can be rebuilt.

If you are struggling, I see you and I send you love and light. 

Again, so FRICKING PROUD OF YOU @808Lekeli. 💖 Love you boo. 

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