the wannabe ways of (NOT) losing weight

Have you been where I have been? Maybe you are here now?

I am 10 months into my program and have been sitting at maintenance since January (147lbs).

I spent 7 months in a fat loss phase resulting in:
-Losing 30lbs scale weight
-Losing 9.5” inches off my waist
-Losing 7.5” off my hips
-Losing 3.5” off my thighs

My Coach @janellefitmarks discussed staying in maintenance for the bare minimum of time you’ve been in a deficit, a bit longer if you’ve come from a heavily dieted background 🙋🏽‍♀️.

At first, I was bummed about that. Not having a set goal of being leaner to get after. But when Janelle asked me what would being leaner exactly mean for me and how would my life change if I were leaner, I really had to dig deep to figure that out. 🤔

I’m still figuring it out. But what I know is that being leaner doesn’t make me happier or magically erase my emotions roped around this number I have in my 🧠.

Being leaner won’t make me a better human.

And yet some wonder why I did I have to embark on this journey anyway? Why couldn’t I just love my body where it was at?

And my answer, you may not understand it or agree with it, but it is my answer alone.

I wanted to learn the right way to exercise.

I wanted to learn the right way to eat.

Prior to this, my food and fitness behaviors were imbalanced. I was exhausted 🥱 living that fad diet life.

I was stressed 😩 out by the over exercise.

I was sad 😢 and angry 😡 with myself for my motivation by guilt.

And I was dam hangry 🤤 all the time from skipping meals and fasting.

The scale was the sole dictator of my daily mood.

I was sick 😷 and tired 😴 of doing this same shit 💩 over and over to get nowhere and every time I repeated this cycle, it only resulted in more frustration.

My main advice? Focus on foods that make your body feel good. Take steps to reduce stress. Practice good sleep habits. Find opportunities to move that promote your health and bring you joy. And hire a Coach to help you along the way!

Just as my clients invest in me, I too invest in Coaching for myself! Trust me, You’ll feel a whole lot better!

Coach @janellefitmarks

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