there is always a better way

You know what sets me a part from MOST Coaches out there? 

I’ve been there, right where you are at. 

Frustrated about not fitting anything in the store. 

Upset that you can’t find a diet that sticks. 

Sad that you don’t feel good about yourself. 

Fearful that you are going to mess up even more. 

I decided to lose weight many moons ago for a boy. And really, I never stopped chasing weight loss. I just kept looking for it in all the wrong places. And when I got real with myself, I realized I was chasing self worth through how I looked or how much I weighed.

I never imagined that I would be in my 40s still dealing with this 20-year old bullshit (hahaha). I don’t know what I thought. 

Perhaps that my husband’s love would be enough for me to be ok with me. 

Or that the success of my business would be good enough for me to be ok with me. 

And soon I realized all that doesn’t matter. You gotta be good with you to be good period. 

So when I decided I wanted to lose weight for good (this most recent time June 2021), it was JUST for ME. Not for my mom. Or for my clients or for my spouse or for society telling me I should weigh a Benjamin at 5’3”. 

Nope, I did it simply to be at peace with eating and exercise. And when I enrolled to join the @TWW, I was REALLY SCARED. Fearful of being on the hook. Fearful of being restricted. Fearful of messing up. I didn’t want to be held accountable. I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable. I didn’t want to try another way. 

But my fear of all that didn’t outweigh the exhaustion and mental drain that had taken it’s toll on my body over my life long battle with purging through exercise. 

I understand you because in a way, I am you. And I know first hand there is a better way. 

Since becoming less attached to who I think I should be and more importantly how I think I should look (or weigh), my process has began to flow much more with ease. Yes, it is possible friends!

If you are struggling or not sure where to go or what to do, please know that there is always a better way! And if you are ready, I am here to help! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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