my big #petpeeve as a #honolulupersonaltrainer

My biggest #professional #petpeeve is when trainers treat their clients all the same…sell them packages, put them into groups and give them the same workout. 

I’ve been in the commercial gym space for over 20 years. 

And it’s a shame that I see a cookie cutter approach performed time and again… trainers coaching the same programs for lean people and using those same programs for overweight people.

Here’s an example:

Trainer tells “lean ripped guy” to do  squat jumps. Trainer then tells “not so lean guy” to follow suit. Trainer asks “not so lean guy” if his knees hurt. And of course (shame sets in) and he replies “nah, knees are fine” despite him having a 30lb disadvantage. Sooner rather than later, “not so lean guy” is out of commission with an overuse injury. 

We all watched this! The Biggest Loser televised 18 seasons to 4.53 million viewers promoting extreme #weightloss tactics including extreme exercise and extreme calorie restriction all for the sake of the scale. How many injuries did we watch? Not to mention how many MINDLESS food and fitness habits were created?! 

I reject this #industry way. And I’ve seen clients, all of you, become a lot more involved in your personal wellness programming 👏 Asking questions. Questioning a formula or strategy. Voicing your opinion and becoming your own detective! After all, YOU KNOW YOUR BODY BEST! 

Choose your Coach just as you would your Doctor; your Esthetician; your child’s nanny… 

As a Coach whose main value is to first do no harm, I can 💯 percent promise you that when we work together, your ability to thrive and live healthy and happy is at the base of my business. We are not just Coach and Client, you become a part of my Ohana (family). ❤️

Have you had a not so great experience with a Coach or a Trainer? If so, how did you handle it? 

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