you’ve got to go slow to go fast

“Patience and timing are essential in the pursuit of our goals, and waiting until the time is right can make all the difference.”

As a Coach and a 46 year old woman going chasing a goal, here’s my biggest piece of advice… you could do everything right but your body will always be on its own timeline. So forget the final destination; throw out the deadline and keep nudging forward because no matter how long it may take, if you never give up, you WILL eventually get there! 💪🏾🔥❤️🌈 And I remind myself how many decades did I tell myself that I would never be able to do pull ups or learn to swim as an adult or complete a 36 mile ultra marathon or start and now run my own business…

Reflect often on your past wins because these are reminders just how bad ass you are (just in case you need a reminder babe 😜)

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