week 10 in the books for wbff dallas 2023

Another week in the books!

Hunger: 5-6
Energy 6-7
Cravings 5-6

I’m coming off of my period week.

Tracking my journey, I’ve learned that the week PRIOR to my cycle is the worst for my hunger and cravings with my energy in the tank.

During my cycle, my hunger stabilizes and my strength and energy are on the rise! I actually feel STRONGER during my cycle week!

I had no social meals out last week not intentionally but because I’ve really enjoyed my homemade meals.

Here are some of my faves:
-beets, kale, ground pork
-oats mixed with eggs
-thick iced whipped protein shake
-Mexican salad with romaine, tomato, ground beef, mozzarella, Greek yogurt
-protein mug cake for dessert

Hit my lowest weight today: 141.8lbs. I’m 5’2.5” tall. Goal is 130 or less.

Waist: 25.75”
Hips: 36.50”
Thigh: 20”

Been getting more comfy with posing and I’m so glad I hired an expert to help me with this. I’m working with @kendramcgowan_ of @fitpackposing.

Cardio is bumped to 40 min daily. Lifts still at 4x per week. Steps are 10-12k daily. Exercise has always been the easy part for me!

Strength is holding steady. One of my superpowers is that I’m a workhorse and can tolerate a lot of volume on less food.

Mindset ✨it’s been interesting… to see the scale drop to the lowest numbers I haven’t seen in decades. But more interesting to be immune to that number too.

Applying an “athlete mindset” to this journey just as I had when I started racing marathons and then triathlons has been my biggest helper.

My Tri Coach told us that race day was the icing on the cake. That all of the training we did leading up to race day was where all of our progress was made.

That always stuck with me.

To not focus on the finish line; but, to instead find a sense of joy and ease in doing the work to get there. It hits different when you do it cuz you want to not because you don’t like how you look.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Wednesday Babes!

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