does your big goal seem too far away or even impossible? do this! #practicalpieces

Many moons ago, I started out as a gym rat 🐀 teaching #indoorcycling because back then exercise cured all of my problems 😉.

In my class, I met Kathleen Harris, a downtown secretary and old school bad ass marathon runner. Ya know the 100 mile weeks kinda nut 🥜 😝❤️?

She took me under her wing and made me RUN.

She would make me run up mountains at 5am.

She waited for me at the end of run spots checking her watch telling me what took me so long 😂.

She would meet me whenever and wherever to RUN.

It was the first time I had an adult tell me I had talent. She gave me my athletic confidence; something completely foreign to me being in a curvy body that was always told was too chubby.

I wanted to make her proud. I wanted to see if I could do what she believed I could do, so I ran and ran and ran.

I did my first race called The Run to the Sun. It was an ultra marathon running 36 miles from the Maui Mall to the top of Haleakala.

And then I spent the next two decades running, then swimming, biking AND running.

When she told me to do the 36 mile Run to the Sun ☀️, I said “ARE YOU CRAZY? There’s no way I can run 36 miles reaching 10,000 elevation!”

And then her reply CHANGED MY LIFE…

Kathy told me, “you never look ahead, you just keep looking down putting one foot in front of the other. You don’t give up. You don’t quit. And before you know it, you’ll get there.”

I owe my athlete mindset to Kathy. If I never met her, I would have never realized just how much ability I had inside of me. She saw it and she brought it out. She saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself.

When you have a big goal that seems too far away or unreachable, break it down.

Break it down so much that you have a daily goal that moves you forward.

Not by miles but by inches. Because every inch adds up.

Every action can nudge you forward.

And before you know it, you’ve reached that goal and then it’s on to the next! ❤️💪🏾

Kathy was a gift to me and I’m paying forward by reminding you that YES YOU TOO can achieve the big things!

What’s your big goal?

Let’s break it down together!

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