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The last time I did this race, I was 2 weeks out from a stage 4 ankle fracture. Doc said not to run on it; but, I did what I always did. Got 2 cortisone shots and ran on it anyway.

I wish I could say this was a rare event. Nope 👎🏾 this used to be my norm.

Can’t tell me no.
Can’t tell me I couldn’t do it.

I used to see all my cant’s as weaknesses. And I viewed weakness as failure.

I wasn’t ready to see that I was always getting in my own way.

And I couldn’t stay still long enough to reflect that I was simply repeating old habits that were always leaving me worse off. Back then, I always had a “But…”

My ego back then was bigger than my logical brain 🧠.

Today’s run was pure joy. Sure it was uncomfortable. My average heart ❤️ rate ended at 168 bpm. I was happy and smiling. Looking for friends and cheering my fellow runners on. I danced and I cried as I dedicated miles to lost loved 🥰 ones.

I didn’t look at my watch. I told myself I would run with intention & allow my breath and my body to guide me.

You may not understand this feeling. And maybe you do more than you’d like to admit.

I spent over half of my life pushing myself far beyond norms. I pushed blindly ignoring all of the warning ⚠️ signs and red flags 🚩 and 🛑 stop signals, all because I wasn’t ready.

Today I enjoyed a 6.2 mile run with a lot of other people. It was such a great feeling when you do things because you WANT TO and not because there’s an enormous inside pull that you can’t ignore that says you HAVE TO.

Happy Sunday babes!

Whatever big thing you are dreaming 💭 about, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

Break down your dream into Practical Pieces that you know you can do forever!

And stay tuned for my post tomorrow that can help you drill down your big and maybe even a little overwhelming dream into practical pieces that will move you forward toward your goal!

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