“i don’t want to be in maintenance because I’ll lose all of the progress i made”

I thought this when I first entered maintenance.

Back story I spent Jan – Dec 2022 in maintenance (probably in a surplus too since I became real loose with my habits).

I ended my cut at 145lb. Hit maintenance for a year and ended at 153lbs.

If you told me I would gain 8 lbs when I finished my cut, I would have said “no way I’m going into maintenance. I’m going to lose all of my progress!”

And like anything else in LIFE, you gotta go THROUGH it to get through it.

I learned so much. And I’m super grateful that I trusted the process and my Coach @janellefitmarks 100% because it was the BEST place for my body to be!

Here’s a reminder and my biggest REVELATION from my time in maintenance:

You don’t need to be in a deficit to see progress and being in maintenance definitely does not mean you will cancel out all your progress!

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