are you YOUR passion plan or just another project?

On a client call, she asked me this: How do I get motivated to do all of the things I want for myself?

It’s starts IN you. First you must believe in yourself 💯 that you can do it.

Step 2 is you have START. You just gotta do it. There’s no way around it. Action is always the ANTIDOTE.

Step 3 is to keep it small and keep it simple. It’s a rare time when you can do it all. Those plans crash and burn. What is one small step you can take today that will make you feel better?

When you feel better, you’ll do more. Doing more, feeling better will then motivate you to keep progressing.

What actions will you take this week that will be leaving you feeling wonderful?

I’ll be focused on eating all the macros I can have and not fixate on the macros I can’t have! That’s the one thing I’m focused on this week.

Remember babe, YOU are NOT your side project! YOU should be your passion plan! 💋

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