week 5 2.28.23 contest prep to WBFF Dallas

Just finished week 5 of a 24 week prep to compete in my first show at WBFF Dallas on July 15.

This last week was rough. I had food brain 🧠 24/7 and my BLTs kicked in. I was surprised because I had 4 weeks of smooth sailing. Hello #hormones!

During my check-in with my Coach @janellefitmarks we discussed hunger strategies because this is what’s gonna happen during this time – hunger! I’ll remember that I’m choosing to do this. No one else is forcing me. How will I navigate these tough times?

Here’s my strategies so far:
-I make sure I get in my gallon of water. I realize that on days where hunger was high, my water intake was down.

-Eat more high fiber foods. I included stir fry mixed veggies and cauliflower rice to bulk up my meals.

-I make this yummy frozen treat which includes my fiber supplement and my powdered greens. I add a little water flavoring to the mix, lots of ice and it’s a nice tasty refreshing frozen treat. Right now these supps are freebies for me.

-I must stick to my meal times. Going too long between meals leaves me at a point of no return in hunger. I’m eating every 2 hours most days.

Weight has decreased to 146lbs. My first cut goal weight was 145lbs and that took a 7 month cut! However, metrics still are same.

Waist 26.75”
Hips/Butt: 37”
Thigh: 20.50”

SO we’ve started Cut #2. I have 1 high day which I’m excited 🤩about. 3 mod days which are lower than my usual and 3 low days which isn’t as low as I used to endure during my hey day fad diet days!

This week’s mantra: it’s okay to feel hungry. Don’t freak out. There’s more where that came from.

Happy Tuesday!

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