week 3 check-in, my road to WBFF dallas

Happy LOVE Day Babes! It’s week 3 of my prep and things are moving in the right direction. Overall, here’s this past week’s stats:

Weight: Weight is down 1.2lbs (from 149.6lbs to 148.4lbs). In these last 3 weeks, I’ve lost 4.4lbs on the scale overall (152.8lbs was my starting weight).

Metrics: The metrics are holding steady. No change except for the fact that my tape measure is getting a wee bit more slack on the areas that do measure.
Waist: 27″
Hips and Butt: 37″
Thigh: 20.50″

Despite these metrics holding steady, I definitely can see leg and ab definition in areas that I do not measure. My legs tend to lean out first, followed by my face (hello new wrinkles LOL) and my tummy and low back has always been where I hold much of my weight.

Cardio: My steps have been increased to 12k daily and my Coach has recently included 15 min steady state cardio into my daily routine. For right now, I will use the 15 minutes to nail my step goal. I continue to teach (1) 60-minute spin class on Thursdays (a class that I do because I LOVE spin and I LOVE LOVE to teach spin).

Social Meals: I’ve had 1-3 social meals out every week all prepped in advance in My Macros Plus app. However, I do know that this will change as time goes on. I had a busy social meal January for my BIRTHDAY YAY! But I am at peace knowing that I have chosen a long prep (my WBFF Dallas show is in mid-July). I’ve always been a slow and steady gal! I am now focusing on adding more higher quality meals to my plan and following a LOW FODMAP guide my Coach has given to me. My ostomy makes digestion different for some veggies, so I am trying to figure that out now early on in prep in terms of what veggies and foods seem to bloat me more.

Lifting: My lifting has changed to hypertrophy meaning more sets, more reps, lighter weight. It’s been an adjustment for sure coming off a 4-month strength block of single reps but I welcome the change. And there’s definitely been a cardio effect due to rebuilding my higher rep stamina!

Mindset: It’s hard to explain but once I started this prep, it was as though a light switch went off. I didn’t feel worry or anxiety about having less food. I was excited to embark on a new challenge and for me, unchartered territory. There were people who told me that my life would pretty much be over after having ostomy surgery. And a big part of me has told myself who I am to even step on stage with such a thing; but, I know that voice has always been there (even before surgery) to keep me playing small; to keep me catering to others expectations and to go with the grain so as to not rock the boat. A HUGE part of this has been my Coach Janelle guiding me through all of my ups and downs; my fears and my wins and my negative side when I start to self-sabotage. Having an expert in your corner is a GAME CHANGER and I wouldn’t be here today if it were not for joining TWW and having my Coach, Janelle. It has allowed me to be a MUCH BETTER coach to the clients I have the pleasure of working with, and that is the biggest blessing for me!

Another huge mindset shift for me this past week has been telling close friends my plans to compete. Saying it OUT LOUD IS SCARY and puts me on the hook. But I am also letting them know in advance to set my boundary – that during this time, my social meals and outings will look a lot different because this goal is important to me.

Affirmation: I write this as a letter to future Lee-Ann because I know there will be harder times and struggles and I want future Lee-Ann to know that all things can be worked through and overcome. Reach out for support. Ask for help. Rely on your TWW team and remember this: “I expand in abundance, success and love everyday as I inspire those around me to do the same.”

I hope my journey will be a reminder to you that YES, you can shoot for the stars; dream the impossible and accomplish it all! What have you been wanting to do that you’ve been putting off for fear that it’s too outrageous? Let’s do the outrageous together! xoxoLA

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