client spotlight: christine’s story; how to achieve fat loss and strength train with rheumatoid arthritis.

Happy 1 year anniversary to my sweet client @cm_krause. 

Christine found me here on insta after following me. She joined my free Macros Made Easy Masterclass in 2021 and took a leap to hire me as her coach. 

Christine, diagnosed with #rheumatoidarthritis was self motivated to kick start her health journey to improve her autoimmune condition. During our discovery call, she was 💯 concrete about her why – to be healthy, strong and to live long. Sure, the aesthetics would be a goal too, but it wasn’t her priority #1. She knew if she focused on using macros-based nutrition and progressive overload strength training, the fat loss would follow. 

In September 2021, she had been lifting with the @trainwithjoan app and had been using Noom as her calorie based diet. She had a gut feeling the Noom recommendations were extremely low which is why she decided to enroll in my free Macros Made Easy Masterclass series. After all, I was certified by the best in the macros world, spending 6 months with @eve_fitchick in her Macro Mentorship certification.

As her Coach, I can say Christine has been a joy to work with. She does the mindset work necessary to help us analyze why we do what we do. In addition, she speaks her scale language and knows that despite what the scale may say, it has ZERO indication of her strength or her worth. And her biggest win I’m very proud to report is Christine’s pivot plan. She’s solid in knowing that despite the plan changing due to stuff, it’s not less than; it’s just simply different. 

As someone who also has an auto immune condition, I understand first hand the nuances of dealing with a body that has a mind of its own. As Christine told me, that fact that I have experienced what at times feels like my body failing me, was one of the major reasons she decided to work with me. 😍

Christine is currently in maintenance as she is in a busy season of her life juggling a household with two sons. She lifts 2-3x per week and has a 5-7k step goal. I’m excited to spend 2023 watching Christine continue to grow in her lifts and focus on some strength goals we’ve set together! 

Give her a follow and a shout out! She’s extremely well versed in macros!

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