weekly check-in and transformation tuesday; what kind of weight loss can you expect in one week?

“The way you react has been repeated thousands of times, and it has become a routine for you. You are conditioned to be a certain way. And that is the challenge: to change your normal reactions, to change your routine, to take a risk and make different choices.” – Miguel Angel Ruiz

Weight 149.2lbs
Waist 27”
Hips / Butt: 37”
Thigh: 20.50”

Weight down. Metrics same. It’s cycle week so curious what metrics will do next week.

Started my prep on January 24. My Coach said I could wait until after my Birthday Weekend; but, I was like nope. I’ll start that very next day cuz with macros, if you plan ahead, you can fit in most things. And since I enjoy feeling great and performing well, fueling my body well is too a priority.

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