straight outta macros made easy

Straight outta macros Made Easy!

This will be a mainstay during my prep to the WBFF Amateur show in Dallas this July.

It’s both savory and sweet.

You can easily make it lower carb or higher carb.

You can easily make it lower fat or higher fat.

But the BEST PART? It tastes delicious! And hits the #breakfastsandwich spot!

36.7g protein
39.2g carbohydrates
11.1g fat

Breakfast Sammy with egg white cheese tomato onion Turkey bacon on sourdough English muffin. I use 1/2 muffin for savory then put the mashed banana and cream cheese on the other 1/2. Macros here also includes a #nespresso capsule with 15ml sugar free Italian sweet cream. 😍

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