do you speak your weight scale language?

Are you fluent in scale language? If not, you should be!

After spending a year in maintenance, taking my scale weight and tape measurements every day (yep EVERY DAY no fail) while also taking weekly progress pics, I’ve become more versed in my own scale language.

Like when the scale is positioned on the floor in a certain place, it will read as much as 1-1/2lbs higher.

Or when it’s that time of the month where the scale will bump maybe 3-4lbs ⬆️.

Or when I lift heavy the evening before, I’ll retain a lot of water which again will bump up my weight.

Or every Thursday morning where my weigh in time is at 5am since I teach a 6am spin class. This weight is ALWAYS higher because I’m weighing in way earlier & I’ve had much less sleep.

When the scale goes up, we immediately think the scale is telling us “F YOU! You aren’t doing it good enough.” Our first reaction is to make up these crazy 😜 scenarios in our head that have no legs to stand on!

When you begin to learn your own scale language and track the data consistently, you will uncover trends and patterns.

These findings help you understand the amazing being that is your body. That yes, your weight will go up and down and hold steady as it should!

So before you lose your 💩 next time you see the scale bump up, write down all the actual stuff that could be causing that number to jump. Because REMEMBER, you didn’t gain fat overnight just as you won’t lose fat overnight. It’s what you do consistently over time – a long time – that will dictate your outcomes!

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