it’s my birthday weekend

It’s my Birthday Weekend!

I LOVE getting dressed up to have a fancy meal and this year, I’m going to enjoy it without any fear!

For decades, I used to spend all morning doing cardio without really eating so I could feel good about going out in the evening.

I carried around protein bars in my purse and existed on sugar free Red Bull.

I felt a lot of anxiety about eating in front of others and so my binges were confined the comfort of my own home, late at night.

Maybe you think I had too much time on my hands. But for me, chasing perfection at all costs was an obsession and my addiction.

I’ve always leaned toward the side of extreme. Addiction runs in my family and so I’ve been told, I got the “healthy” one.

I’m living proof that it is possible to stop extreme measures of dieting and extreme measures of exercise.

If you settle in and accept what will be will be, you’ll learn to love yourself heavier, leaner, bigger, smaller and everything in between.

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