losing weight is the easy part

Losing weight is the easy part.

Here’s a snapshot of me at various weights that share the same theme:

Even though I always was on a diet, back then I only prioritized calories and never paid attention to macros.

My mindset back then was this: “Well, I’m doing SO MUCH exercise, that I deserve to get away eating this or that. I told myself I could have all the BITES, TASTES and LICKS because I did so much exercise.

In my thinnest pic here, that was all STARVATION. I weighed 125lb; 1,000 calories diet and no weight training. Just eat less and exercise more.

I’ve learned that your food IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT in your fat loss journey than you realize.

I’ve learned that losing weight is easy. My biggest struggle was maintaining weight lost.

Does this resonate with you? I was always on a diet. Losing 10, 20, 30, 45 pounds on and off. When installed, I added more exercise. I cut out carbs. I refused to get technical about all of the food I was eating. I didn’t want to track, weigh and measure. I wanted to eat what I wanted as long as I stayed under a calorie limit.

And I’m here to share that THAT STRATEGY NEVER WORKS!

If you diet, you’ll HAVE TO take a diet break and eat at maintenance for a while. Don’t view this as a failure! Don’t trick yourself into thinking that being in maintenance is so boring because nothing is happening!

Muscle gain. Energy increase. Improved sleep. More time with family. Increased food & flexibility. Body tone. All great wins happen in maintenance!

Maintenance is where you should live most of your life!

Are you in maintenance, a build or in a deficit? Let’s connect!

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