do the same stuff no matter if it’s good body day or a bad body day

You won’t always feel your best. But I want you to remember that no matter how you feel about your body today, tomorrow, right now, in a few hours… you should continue to treat your body as you do when you feel like a million bucks 💰.

You deserve to feed your body. Take a rest. Put on your favorite lipstick. Blow out your hair. Get your nails done or read your favorite book.

Your self care shouldn’t be dependent on a snap shot in time based upon fleeting thoughts 💭 you’re having about yourself.

Maybe it was something someone said.

Clothes you put on.

Catching your reflection walking past a room.

The time is long gone that you make your body…

pay for “it”
suffer through “it”
make up for “it”

Celebrate you!

We can’t DENY bad days but we can DECIDE how we rebound from them! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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