expectation versus reality

There are four areas of body change:

1. Cut: lose body fat; “the diet.” Most people want this. Many more spend too much time doing this over and over again.

2. Maintain: Keep current body size and metrics where they are at. Most people spend minimal time here. They are either on a diet or gaining weight.

3. Lean Build: Build muscle, gain weight with minimal body fat gain. Long slow process.

4. Build: Build muscle at a faster rate than a lean build. You will gain muscle and body fat. More bang for your buck in terms of how long it takes.

Each area has its pros and cons. But ALL areas require a resilient mindset and consistency for success.

I’ve been in maintenance since January of this year. And Altho it was a struggle to wrap my mind around remaining steady in my process, it’s been a huge gift in healing my relationship with food and fitness.

Where are you at right now in your journey? I would love to read about it in the comments below. ❤️🔥💪🏾 #honolulupersonaltrainer

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