spooky time – let’s talk calorie deficits

I love holidays! My family didn’t celebrate holidays for religious reasons so I think I’m making up for lost time.

I want to share some SPOOKY 👻 news with you about #caloriedeficits!

Most people want to lose weight so they cut some things out here and there and they exercise more here and there and they hope for the best.

There’s no CLEAR food & exercise framework planned out.

And MOST OF THE TIME, people will cut OUT ALOT & exercise ALOT while hoping for the best.

Sure they get results; but, eventually mental & physical overload ensues and they fall of the wagon.

If you want to lose weight, ask yourself this 👇🏾

“Is the way I am eating now for weight loss, an eating style that I can eat forever, after my weight loss goal is met?”

Because in order to lose fat and keep it off, it requires 2 things:

☝🏾 A calorie deficit

✌🏾 Management of your hunger and cravings!

Whatever method you choose needs to meet both of those criteria! #honolulupersonaltrainer#levelupladies#macrosmadeeasy

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