your dream body won’t make you happy

There’s no such thing as #nobadbodydays! No matter if you have weight to lose. Or if it’s that gal you’ve been following that has the body of YOUR dreams. Yep, she has bad body days too!

How many times have you looked back at old pictures and thought 💭 , “Gee, I was so skinny back then. I wish I was that skinny now. I can’t believe I used to think I was fat.”

I always told myself, “Once, I get to 125lbs, I will be SO HAPPY! I just need to get there no matter what!”

I remember that day clearly when I hit 125lb… My Jenny Craig counselor was SO HAPPY and I was anything but.

I was sad. I only saw flabby arms, legs and a dimply stomach.

I was exhausted because I knew all of the terrible things I was doing to just barely hit that number and I couldn’t fathom continuing that way any longer. #burnout

As a Female Transformation Coach, WHAT DO I STAND FOR?

I stand for helping women become the HERO 🦸‍♀️ of their OWN STORIES.

Instead of chasing someone else as their goal, I help women discover their OWN unique superpower through mindfulness, macros-based nutrition and muscle-building exercise!

If this speaks to you, let’s chat! #honolulupersonaltrainer #3mmethod

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