a little tough love and a nudge to get your weight loss going for good

A little tough 💪🏾 love ❤️ for ya today!

Pizza can make you gain weight. Seed oils too. Fruit can also be to blame along with cheese.

The point here?

Just about all foods in excess consumption can cause weight gain!

Yet every day, I see someone on here marketing another gel, powder, pill, etc promising that you can have your cake 🎂 and eat it too.

If it sounds too good to be true then… you know the rest!

Anybody can lose weight by not eating and/or sweating.

You can drop a lot of scale pounds by fasting and cutting carbs and wine 🍷 for a few.

But at this point, aren’t we smart enough to know that scale weight don’t mean 💩?

Sure, if you just care about scale weight you can magic potion yourself to a smaller number and a smaller version of your same shape.

You can shout from the rooftops “I’m skinny cause the scale says so!!!”

But how is your body fat to muscle ratio?

How do your clothes fit?

How does your muscle definition look?

How strong are you?

How’s your sleep, mood and digestion?

It’s not sexy and glamorous to say that eating whole based foods in customized ratios while also lifting heavy several times a week is the cure.

“That sounds like TOO much work” many will say!

“Too much hard work” some think not as easy as throwing back a couple of pills 💊 before diving into a pasta, bread, wine and dessert filled meal.

That sounds great! Where do I sign up?! 😝🤦🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️

BTW, you can still have that meal with the approach I coach; but you’ll be a heck of A LOT MORE MINDFUL about eating it as opposed to being MINDLESS about it cuz you’ve got your “security blanket” (the pills, powders, etc…) 😉

Look, if you are looking for that fix, you are not the type of client that I work with. I’ve been down that hellish road for far too long and now I help others from suffering the same!

Plus, if it worked, wouldn’t we ALL be doing it already?

So, if you’re over it, and ya wanna come over to the sustainable club, let’s chat!

I use smart strength programming and macros-based nutrition to empower my ladies to transform from the inside out! #honolulupersonaltrainer

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