that time I used ipecac syrup to purge my food

As I chill on my sofa writing this, I think back to my old self, when old Lee-Ann would spend all WEEKEND trying to exercise her bingeing from a week of extreme restriction. ⁠

I’ve done some extreme things to destroy my mental and physical health. Like this one time where I spent hours vomiting after practically OD’ing on Ipecac syrup I ingested (the entire bottle) because I hated myself for a food binge. I would have gone to the ER, but I didn’t have health insurance at the time and I didn’t want to risk a HUGE bill as a broke college student.⁠

I share this with you not to scare you but to show you that I GET IT. I am you. From yo-yo dieting to obsessive exercise to doctors visits to non-stop stomach and hormonal problems. ⁠

My Doctor once told me I didn’t look sick. My words of pain did not match my outward appearance. I told him that I felt like I was dying inside, but I guess my outside didn’t match that so, I was left to think I was slowly going crazy! ⁠

I get it. I get YOU because I am you. I wasn’t born a genetically-gifted child who excelled in sports and fell out of shape because I spent time building my career and/or my family. ⁠

I’ve chased the same dragon for decades over until the dragon eventually consumed me. ⁠

Think about this: IF, a year from now, you stayed EXACTLY the same and nothing changed, would you be happy, confident and content?⁠

There’s 3 months left in 2022 and only a handful of weeks before we hit the holiday season. Come Christmas, would you rather be in charge of your food and fitness or beating yourself up yet again for another holiday plan gone array?⁠

I’ve got 1 spot left for my October – December holiday hustle program! If you can relate to my story or my struggle, let’s chat! ⁠

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