how dagny olson lost over 100 pounds!

I’m SUPER EXCITED to have this #twwbabes on my #iglive to tell us about her INCREDIBLE transformation!

Save the date and time – this Thursday on my IgLive at 2pm HST / 5pm PST!

Hear about @strength_and_purpose_dag mission, her mindset and her purpose as she inspires us all to do the inside work!

Transforming from 308lbs to a stage-ready physique of 126 lbs is a huge accomplishment.

Bring your questions as Dagny leads by example showing us that despite great struggle there is greater success to be created!

See ya on the live this Thursday 2p HST / 5p PST! 💪🏾🔥❤️

Watch our IgLive with the beautiful @strength_and_purpose_dag. Listen to her story and amazing transformation losing over 100 pounds to grace the WBFF stage!


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